Excellent editing depends on three elements.
iD One Television offers the best of these;

The edit suite
iD One Television uses the industry standard AVID for true High Definition digital non-linear editing, giving us the power to edit fast and accurately. Through our on-line edit suite we produce success proven edits and productions. These include highly creative graphics and 3D animation, with duplications no problem.

The people
Editors drive their suites and at iD One Television we have the experience, the technical understanding and the equipment to mould the raw materials into the polished final product.

The X factor
A vital element that can rarely be bought is creativity – something we are not short of. iD One Television excels at tailoring the end product to suit your unique needs.

Avid Media Composer

The Suites

Our Avid HD suite has full spec online High Definition capabilities based on the latest Apple systems, and over 24 Terrabyte of storage. Image manipulation software including Photoshop and After Effects CC as well as 3D Graphics and animation capabilities.