iD One Television has a range of equipment available for both dry hire and with experienced operators.

All too often the words 'Digital' and 'Broadcast' are used when it comes to video production. When you consider a Digital Camcorder can be bought for a few hundred pounds and a Digital capture card added to a computer for well under a hundred pounds you begin to see how easy it is to try to impress people. iD One Television use only the broadcast industry standard cameras such as RED, Sony F5 and PMW500

But it's not just about the equipment you use. Having a word processor doesn't make you an author. At iD One Television we have the skills and experience of nearly twenty years serving the broadcast and corporate sectors.

Please call us to discuss your requirements.

We also have an on-line Avid HD Editing Facility which is available for hire, again, with or without an operator.

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